Amy Freitag profile

Dr. Amy Freitag

Science Integration Fellow

Phone: (510) 251-8320

Amy is a Science Integration Fellow with OST. She works on the California Citizen Science Initiative, which empirically investigates how citizen science might contribute to the management of California’s network of marine protected areas. Both with this project and through other projects, she is interested in the ethics of working with diverse stakeholders and volunteers as well as the myriad of information types that need to be produced as a result.

Amy recently completed her PhD in Marine Science and Conservation from Duke University, where her dissertation research focused on how diverse ways of knowing (one of the benefits underlying citizen science) might contribute to water quality conservation in coastal North Carolina. During that time, she worked closely with fishers, scientists, and policymakers to look at these contributions from three scales - personal participant benefits, single projects, state-level institutions. Previous to that work, she completed her BS in Development Sociology at Cornell University and a short, but inspirational stint at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Both of these experiences grounded her interests in democratizing science and the social dynamics involved in environmental conservation.