OPC-SAT Workshop Agenda

Upcoming OPC-SAT workshop on Readying CA's Fisheries for Climate Change

West Coast Leaders Explore Regional Action on Ocean Acidification

California’s Deputy Secretary on Ocean and Coastal Policy speaks at AAAS

New Approach to Address Silent Threats to Ocean Health

Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panelists Speak at AAAS Meeting

Nancy Sutley and Margaret Spring Join Ocean Science Trust Board of Trustees

California Secretary of Natural Resources Appoints National Leaders to Unique Non-profit Organization

Healthy Ocean CA Workshop Proceedings

Summary and proceedings available from the August 27 workshop on ocean health

Citizen Science Handbook

Providing guidance for forming partnerships between citizen science practitioners, scientists and managers

OPC-SAT Two-Pager

Learn about the work of the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team

OPC-SAT Workshop

Proceedings from the June 11 OPC-SAT workshop on Ocean Health as a Scientific Concept and Management Goal

Final Report Available

Final Report of the Science Advisory Committee for Red Abalone Density Estimates

OAH Panel Website

For all updates and resources related to the West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panel

Expert Judgment Guide

"Putting the Pieces Together," a guide for designing expert judgment processes

Setting the Standard for Science Integration

The last decade has seen a surge in calls for better integration of the best available scientific information into coastal and marine management. Despite this growing chorus of support, incorporating science into policy is no simple matter. Scientists and policymakers often run into trouble collaborating harmoniously because they are enmeshed in disparate worlds that operate with different time scales, processes, and even languages.

Ocean Science Trust is expert at living in and understanding both of these worlds. Carefully, yet boldly, we are building a bridge constructed of our independence, integrity, and knowledge that links science with policy in ways that result in better management. This is what we call Science Integration.

To learn more, read this interview with Executive Director, Skyli McAfee.

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Increasing calls for science integration are encouraging scientists, funders, decision-makers, industry, and citizens to work together toward better outcomes. OST helps with this challenge.

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