Ongoing Reviews: Red Abalone Density Estimates (DFW) 

Red Abalone Density Estimates

On behalf of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Staff Contact: Errin Ramanujam, Associate Scientist
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DFW has requested an independent review of the survey design and the methods currently used to estimate red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) density. Abalone density is used as part of an adapative management approach to inform catch guidelines for the recreational red abalone fishery in northern California, and population goals in southern California, as outlined by the Abalone Recovery and Management Plan.

Now Available: Executive Summary and Final Report

All Additional Review Information:

Scope of Work & Review Process

To initiate the review, OST entered into a series of discussions with DFW to clarify the review request. From these conversations OST developed two key review documents:

  • Review Scope document that details the review scope, the agreed upon roles and responsibilities of OST and DFW, and OST's scientific review policies; and
  • Review Process document that summarizes each step of the review process, including selection of reviewers (aka Science Advisory Committee).

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Science Advisory Committee

The Science Advisory Committee (SAC) is composed of 6 external scientific and technical experts from appropriate disciplines. To select members of the SAC, OST accepted recommendations from DFW, the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team (OPC-SAT), and key constituent groups. Nominees had to meet a set of minimum qualifications for scientific expertise laid out in the review process document (above). Members were then selected by the OPC science advisor (OST executive director) in consultation with the OPC-SAT executive committee.

Mark H. Carr (SAC Chair), Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

Karina J. Nielsen, Professor, Department of Biology, Sonoma State University

Jeremy Prince, Adjunct Associate Professor, Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia

Peter Raimondi, Chair/Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

Stephen C. Schroeter, Research Ecologist, Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, San Diego State University

Brian Tissot, Director/Professor, Marine Laboratory, Department of Biology, Humboldt State University

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DFW Science Team

In requesting this review, DFW scientists agreed to provide all data and other information necessary for the SAC to conduct a constructive scientific and technical review. DFW Marine Region Program Manager, Tom Barnes, was the primary management contact for this review process.

  • Cynthia A. Button, Environmental Scientist, Invertebrate Project, Marine Region, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Laura Rogers-Bennett, Senior Environmental Scientist, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, Research Associate, University of California, Davis
  • Ian Kei Taniguchi, Senior Environmental Scientist, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife

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Review Materials

Density Survey Methodology Description

Recommended Citations

Supplementary Information

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Meeting Information

Webinar Kickoff Meeting: Online & Call In

Monday, September 16, 2:00 PM

Post Meeting Materials:

Technical Workshop

Wednesday, October 23, 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
1330 Broadway, Suite 1530 Oakland, CA

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Final Public Webinar: Online & Call In

Tuesday, May 20, 3:00 PM

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Final Report of the Science Advisory Committee

OST worked closely with the SAC to draft the final review product. The conversations that OST facilitated between the SAC, DFW biologists, and stakeholders at each of the key process points, as well as additional analyses conducted by the SAC formed the basis for these documents.

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