Panel Staff Contacts

Skyli McAfee, Executive Director, OAH Panel Convener
Liz Whiteman, Program Director, OAH Panelist
Moose O'Donnell, Senior Scientist
Emily Knight, Program Manager
Hayley Carter, Project Scientist
Eve Robinson, Sea Grant Fellow

The West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panel

Employing Key Science Integration Tools

The West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panel (OAH Panel) was convened by the California Ocean Science Trust in 2013 to advance decision makers’ understanding of drivers and impacts of ocean acidification and hypoxia. The Panel is an interdisciplinary collaboration of 20 esteemed scientists from California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Visit the Panel website to learn more about their work.

Ocean Science Trust is expert in implementing innovative approaches to link science with decision making. Here, we describe some the tools we are employing to elevate the Panel, and advance science-informed decision making on these complex issues.

Scoping the Panel with the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team

We convened the OPC-SAT to provide ideas on how best to scope, constitute, and manage a dynamic science advisory panel. To maintain the strategic link between the OPC-SAT and the Panel, three OPC-SAT members are panelists, including Ali Boehm as Panel chair.

Understanding Decision Makers’ Science Needs at Multiple Levels of Government

Using Science Needs Assessment, Ocean Science Trust and the Institute for Natural Resources (INR) at Oregon State University engaged state, regional and federal decision makers to establish the knowledge gaps that inhibit thoughtful management and policy action.

Managing the the Panel to Success

Ocean Science Trust is working with the Panel Executive Committee to bring together diverse knowledge producers and users, elevate the work of the Panel, and facilitate the development of policy and management relevant resources.

Envisioning a Future Science Landscape

We are working to encapsulate the best thinking from the scientific community on how to build capacity for science in decision making over the next 5-10 years. We interviewed over 40 experts, including natural and social scientists, economists, and other thought leaders, to provide a resource to catalyze discussions at the highest levels of policymaking.

Executing Strategic Communications

We are disseminating Panel products and messages to targeted decision making bodies and the public. Utilizing various media and outreach venues, including an official Panel website, a monthly newsletter, blog posts, and Panel participation at conferences, we are ensuring the Panel's work is understood across its many audiences.