Erin Meyer profile

Dr. Erin Meyer

Associate Scientist for the MPA Monitoring Enterprise

Phone: (510) 350-1893

Dr. Erin Meyer is the Program Manager of MPA Monitoring. Erin works to improve scientific and public understanding of performance assessments of California’s statewide MPA network, while advancing globally innovative monitoring approaches. As a vital part of this process, Erin engages with fishermen, tribal governments, citizen-scientists, state agencies, academic scientists and many others. This community offers valuable expertise, historical data, and technical knowledge, while providing a collective local context for MPA monitoring. By involving these community members in the process of developing monitoring plans, she seeks to break down mistrust and misconceptions related to the goals, results, and outcomes from MPA monitoring. Through these activities, Erin seeks to generate MPA monitoring plans that are both based on thorough and impartial science and also informative to resource managers and adaptive to future insights.

Erin earned her PhD in Integrative Biology from the University of California Berkeley. Her doctoral research focused on management of marine snail harvesting in the wider Caribbean and contributed to a greater understanding of coastal fisheries. As part of this work, she engaged fishers, managers, and other community members to garner local knowledge of the system, especially related to natural and cultural history. She has also conducted research on kelp forest communities in Alaska, worked for a Regional Salmon Enhancement Group in Washington, and taught lab- and field-based courses in Conservation Biology, Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Biology, and Oceanography.